Blood Testing

Blood Testing

Blood tests have a wide range of uses and therefore are one of the very commonly ordered medical tests. A blood sample will be needed for your blood tests. A blood test is useful for:

  • checking your general health
  • checking if you have an infection
  • seeing how well certain organs are working – such as the liver and kidneys
  • screening for certain genetic conditions

Preparing for a blood test Brooklane Medical will tell you what you need to do before your test. Depending on the type of blood test, you may need to:

  • avoid eating or drinking anything (fasting), except water for up to 12 hours
  • stop taking a certain medication

During a blood test A blood test usually involves you getting a blood sample taken from a blood vessel in your arm.

A tourniquet (tight band) is usually put around your upper arm. This squeezes the arm, temporarily slowing down the flow of blood. It causes the vein to swell. This makes it easier for Brooklane Medical to take a sample.

A needle attached to a syringe or special container is inserted into the vein. The syringe draws out a sample of your blood. You may feel a slight pricking or scratching sensation as the needle goes in, but it shouldn’t be painful. If you feel nervous about needles and blood, please tell Brooklane Medical beforehand.
Blood testing services at Brooklane Medical Health Clinic Bandon Cork

Blood tests for children
Blood samples from children are often taken from the back of the hand. Their skin may be numbed with a special spray or cream before the sample is taken.

After the test
Only a small amount of blood is taken during the blood test. You should not feel any significant after-effects. But some people feel dizzy and faint during and after the test. If this has happened to you in the past, please tell us before we carry out the test. It’s important we know so that we can look after you.

Blood test results
After you give a blood sample, it will be put into a bottle and labelled with your name and details. It will then be sent to a laboratory for testing. A specialist will examine the sample under a microscope.

They may also test it with chemicals. It depends on what they are looking for. They will send the results to us here at Brooklane Medical. Some test results will be ready the same day or a few days later. Others may not be available for a few weeks.