Minor Surgical Clinic

Minor Surgical Clinic

At Brooklane Medical Centre, we perform a wide range of minor surgical procedures and joint injections.

Minor Surgery is any surgical procedure that does not involve general anaesthesia or respiratory assistance during the surgical procedure.

As skin cancer is the most common cancer it’s very wise to have a check- up particularly if you have a mole that is changing in shape; becoming variably pigmented; becoming darker and raised above the skin, or beginning to peel and bleed.

If you have a mole or skin lesion that you or your family feel might be changing or growing, you will need to see the doctor for an assessment visit first, to make sure we can operate on your particular lesion in general practice.

Moles, warts, skin tags and suspicious looking skin lesions can be removed under local anaesthetic. When you see the doctor for assessment you will be put on the next available list and we will phone you to confirm the date and time.

Minor Surgery services at Brooklane Medical Health Clinic Bandon Cork


In general, you will have a few stitches and a small scar and the stitches will need to be removed by our nurse a week after the surgery.

If you are covered by health insurance, this procedure is paid for by the VHI, LAYA and all the other insurance companies.

There is a fee for removing sutures and follow up if necessary.


* Please note
Minor surgical procedures cannot be booked without prior consultation with one of our GPs.